Church of Saint Benito (Vicar - Almeria)

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Church of Saint Benedict

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Church of Saint Benedict (Vicar - Almeria)
The Church-Fortress of Saint Benedict, could be the most interesting building that Vicar has, although it is certainly not the only one.

It is a religious-war structure, built in Mudejar style in 1559, during the mandate of Antonio Corrionero, the Bishop of Almeria.

The building is located in the “Villa de Vicar” which is the capital of the municipality, an area with Alpujarra characteristics, located in the Sierra de Gador.
Perhaps what has suffered most deterioration of the entire structure is the tower as it was the center of attacks during the invasions. It is estimated that the greatest damage suffered by the tower was due to the Rebellion of the Moorish, which took place in the Alpujarras, in the year 1569.

In 1647, this temple was restored and Mudejar elements were included in all its areas, adding great beauty and increasing its architectural value.

As for the images that it has inside, the church of Vicar has a carved Christ of Health, which is one of the patron saints of the city. They are honoured with traditional festivals that are held in the month of September.

Carcauz Ravine

This is a natural ravine located within the territory of Vicar, famous for showcasing several Roman aqueducts, and ditches of Arab origin.

In this ravine there are three aqueducts that, at a certain moment, were of vital importance for the subsistence of the town, and are known as: the Aqueduct of the Twenty Eyes, the Aqueduct of the “Poyos” and the Aqueduct “por rematar”. The aqueducts of the Carcauz Ravine are of Roman origin and each one is connected by ravines, but the three were built with different types of stones.
The Aqueduct of the Twenty Eyes is the best known and considered the most important, to the point the other two are often overlooked. It is named after the “Aqueduct of Carcauz”, because it is the aqueduct that is closest to the town and the easiest to access.

Door of Vicar

Door of Vicar (Vicar - Almeria)
It is one of the most picturesque places in Vicar, it is a contemporary building whose construction was posible by the architects Jose Eulogio Diaz and Salvador Cruz.

His particular beauty has made him worthy of several awards, including being the image of Vicar in TV shows, commercials and official photographs.

Also in Vicar, you can appreciate the City of Vicar Auditorium Theater, a structure of great beauty that is often visited by locals and tourists alike.

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