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Routes & Trails in the Poniente Almeriense


        El Ejido
        Roquetas de Mar

The Enix - Almeria Path has sharp slopes that were created naturally by the action of water. Therefore, it is recommended that you proceed with caution. Here, you can see the farmhouse of “Aljibe Alto”, an example of the old way of collecting water.
The Fuente del Lentisco Path is located on the Sierra de Gador. The place was named for the cattle that passed through the region. On this path, you can see a limited variety of flora because the ancient methods used to cultivate plants were very harmful. Even so, you will find different species, such as thyme and esparto, among others. In terms of wildlife, you can see wild boars, partridges, rabbits, eagles, foxes, reptiles and goats.
It is recommended that you take both trails in the spring or autumn. If possible, avoid winter, as you could suffer trips and falls due to the snowfall. If you are travelling in the summer, you must be cautious with your schedule, as at certain times of the day, the temperatures can be very high. In addition, you should bring enough water to stay hydrated.

Enix - Almeria Path

PR-A 120
Distance: 16.1 km
Type: Linear way


Fuente del Lentisco Path

SL-A 196
Distance: 8.1 km
Type: Linear way