Octopus dish

Gastronomy in the Poniente Almeriense

The cultural wealth of the Poniente of Almeria transcends the cuisine and allows you to taste a great culinary variety that includes foods from the sea and the land, all seasoned perfectly with the millenary essence of this region.

Good eating is part of the attraction of the entire region. The diverse historical influence and tradition of each town have been combined to create exquisite flavors that make Almeria's cuisine one of the best in Spain.

The variety of foods is extremely wide in the area, but the municipalities present increasingly attractive offers. After a visit to the Poniente of Almeria you will be delighted to taste:
Prawns with vegetables
Adra: thanks to the abundance of the vegetables and the precise touch with fresh fish and seafood, in this municipality we enjoy the best of the Almeria tradition. Among its best dishes, standing out is the unique “Olla Fresca”, which contains blood sausage, pig’s backbone, bacon, meat, chickpeas, fennel and potatoes. It is without a doubt a comforting menu.

If you visit Adra, you should be sure to try their “Fideos Aparte”, a favorite dish of the local fishermen. It contains a great variety of fresh fish, combined with a noodle sauce that is then left to rest to reduce as part of the broth.
Berja: the gastronomic variety is based on traditional dishes from the Lower Alpujarra of Almeria, with traditional touches of this town shown. There are also wonderful “tapas” found in each bar in the area. Among the specialties of this municipality of the Poniente of Almeria is the “choto al ajillo”, a garlic soup and fennel stew, with desserts that include fig bread, “pestiños”, donuts and muffins.

Dalias: in its restaurants, taverns and bars you can enjoy meats, soups, stews and salads. One of its specialties is the “serrano” snails with sauce, the cod stew, the snail rice that is spicy, the “gazpacho” of Dalias, and the beans of the Vega of Dalias.

El Ejido: has a rich cuisine that allows the palate to taste a huge variety of typical dishes from the Alpujarra and its famous “tapas”. The diet in this municipality is very healthy and you will have dishes prepared with vegetables harvested on their land, combined with the best fishing in the area. The cuisine in El Ejido also exhibits an extensive menu of international cuisine and chefs, with their own proposals, which makes the variety of flavors attractive and wider.
Cooked fish
Roquetas de Mar: its gastronomy is one of the most attractive in the area. On the beach and near the port you can taste the best of the seasoned sea with an innovative cuisine.

Red mullets, snappers, common pandora, sea bass, redfish and gilt-head bream are part of the available fish, and added to seafood you’ll find food like white prawns, big prawns, caridean shrimps and Norway lobster; all of which are used for irresistible dishes, such as “escabechado”, “arroz aparte” and fish stock.
La Mojonera: the typical dish is the “migas”, made with bread or flour, accompanied with meat, sardines, sausage, bacon and fried peppers. Other typical dishes of the municipality that can be tasted are the “gurullos” with rabbit, as well as the “pelao” wheat. The “pan de mosto” and the “tortos”, with an addition of wine of the region, are also part of the gastronomy of La Mojonera.

Enix: the cuisine of the whole region of the Poniente of Almeria is very varied, and this is confirmed by this town. Much of its cuisine is based on hunting dishes, as well as delicacies such as “arroz a banda”, the “ajo blanco”, the “ajo colorao”, the “migas” and the “encebollao”, among many others.

The gastronomic tradition of the Poniente of Almeria, in addition to being a showcase of the products in its garden, exhibits great seafaring roots. Together they promise food capable of satisfying the most exquisite palates, in fact, there are two restaurants here awarded with Michelin stars. One is in El Ejido and the other is in Roquetas de Mar.