Saint Michael Church (Pulpi - Almeria)

Pulpí - What to visit

What to visit

Discover the most interesting places to visit in Pulpi. Do not miss the places of interest in this town of Almeria.

Saint John Terreros Castle

Saint John Terreros Castle (Pulpi - Almeria)
At present, entrance is free and there you can enjoy 5 rooms: reception and information, network of protected natural spaces of Andalusia, history and ethnology of Pulpi, ecosystem of the area, and the last room, where you can enjoy the geology of the town.
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Saint Michael Church

Saint Michael Church (Pulpi - Almeria)
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Benzal Museum

Benzal Museum (Pulpi - Almeria)
Room 1. Reception. The CENIHA Network.
Room 2. Interpretation of the territory. Sea, steppes, and mountains.
Room 3. Interpretation of the population. Who populated this place?
Room 4. Economic activities.
Room 5. Memory of the people. Trunk of memories.
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Solar clock

Solar clock (Pulpi - Almeria)
In the two highest parts of the solar clock, there are solar time lines, where the light and shadow are projected that allow the clock to tell time.
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The Giant Geode

The Giant Geode (Pulpi - Almeria)
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Negra & Terreros Islands

Negra & Terreros Islands (Pulpi - Almeria)
In these islands a the most important community of seabirds that make nest of the entire province of Almeria.

Birdwatchers are fascinated by the spectacle offered by these islands, where the yellow-legged gull, the swift, the European storm petrel and the Scopoli's shearwater call home.
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Honduras Cliffs

Honduras Cliffs (Pulpi - Almeria)
It is the exact place where the contact of tectonic plates occurs of volcanic formations and sandstone. These are materials that could not be found together in any other way.

They are protected under a figure that preserves places of geological interest.
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