Honduras Cliffs (Pulpi - Almeria)

Honduras Cliffs (Pulpi)

One of the most beautiful, striking and visited natural sites of Pulpi, are the Honduras cliffs, which offer a spectacular view of the sea. With crystalline blue tones that are combined with the land, you can access them and have a great hiking practice.

Getting to the Honduras cliffs not only allows a unique walk and offers a view of another level, but from that point you can see the fault of Palomares, in which the contrast of sedimentary and volcanic material can be seen, since the municipality of Pulpí is located between the European plate and the African plate. It is the exact place where the contact of tectonic plates occurs of volcanic formations and sandstone. These are materials that could not be found together in any other way.

They are protected under a figure that preserves places of geological interest.

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