Negra & Terreros Islands (Pulpi - Almeria)

Negra & Terreros Islands (Pulpi)

These are two islands of volcanic origin, considered as a Protected Natural Monument since January 2001.

They are very close to the coast and occupy a surface that reaches 2 hectares, characterized by its sparse vegetation and its dark color, provided by the abundance of magnetites and black and green amphiboles. However, the true importance of these islands, and the reason why they are so appreciated, is because they function as the ideal site for the settlement and reproduction of birds.
In these islands a the most important community of seabirds that make nest of the entire province of Almeria. Birdwatchers are fascinated by the spectacle offered by these islands, where the yellow-legged gull, the swift, the European storm petrel and the Scopoli's shearwater call home.

The seabed of Negra and Terreros Islands is incredible. The islands stand out for their Posidonia oceanica meadows, which offer shelter and food to multiple crustaceans, fish, invertebrates, cephalopods, etc.

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