Ctra. de Alicún, 12.
Frente Mercado Abastos
04740 - Roquetas de Mar
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At Plaza Vieja Sushi Bar we offer the best Chinese cuisine, and we specialise in Japanese cuisine. Among our specialties we serve sushi (Japanese rice of the day accompanied with fresh raw ingredients such as vegetables, fruit and fish). We make all our dishes fresh every day.

We are committed to our customers' health and therefore our products are fresh, made on request, and stored at -25°C for no more than 24 hours, to provide the safest and best tasting food for our customers.

In addition, our products are 100% homemade. An example of this is gyoza: an empanadilla pork loin stuffed with boiled Chinese vegetables.

We have a delicious and tempting menu that includes a great variety of tapas we offer to our customers every day: chicken wings marinated in an Asian style served with Japanese sauce; chicken strips in Japanese tempura; Asian style ribs (slow cooked for between 4 and 6 hours); Asian style churrasco (slow cooked for between 4 and 6 hours); frogs' legs; swordfish, and a variety of sushi.

Come and have breakfast with us, and enjoy our wide variety of toasted dishes.

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