Avda. de las Marinas, 226.
04740 - Roquetas de Mar
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Finding a place that is approachable and has good prices in Roquetas de Mar is not an easy task. To find this, you have to get away from the tourist area a bit. When you go to eat at a place like the Parrilla and see so many people from the city itself, you know you cannot be wrong.

Special breakfasts: Toasts of all categories and specialties at only 1 euro. Our main specialty is egg with ham, which is frequently requested by our customers and visitors.

Lunches and dinners: The fish we serve is fresh and the price is very reasonable. If you come for lunch you do not have to wait to sit, however if you come at night you might find we are in high demand. The barbecue is the star of the terrace; the fresh meat on the grill satisfies even the most exquisite palate. The service is fast and diligent. In short, this is a place where you will enjoy food more than the environment itself, with the risk of having to wait before you are seated.

Specialty of the house: The “Sarmale”, this Romanian meal has a labour-intensive recipe. It is very typical for celebrations, and is usually made in large quantities so that it can be shared as a group. It consists of rice (although wheat was originally used), onion, and meat, which is then wrapped in a leaf of cabbage or grapevine. The cabbage is previously pickled so it is tender and manageable without breaking. Once wrapped it is cooked in a pot. The result is simple in appearance, but with a fantastic flavour.

Do not hesitate to visit us and enjoy our large kitchen, you will not leave disappointed. You will come back.

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