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Bakery: the concept of bread has become a universal thing. Inside the El Horno de Angela bakery, we offer a small representation of the broad range of bread that we have. You can choose between various style, flavors, textures, aromas and sensations that will satisfy your appetite for specially made bread.

Pastries: bakery products among which you can choose a great variety. They are made from selected raw materials and by artisanal processes, giving them their textures and flavors. A world of infinite possibilities opens up here, where the choice becomes a challenge. Do not worry! The one you do not try today, you can try it tomorrow.

Cakes: you have at your fingertips an infinite world of possibilities. The capacity of personalization of the cakes is such that you will be surprised what can be done, try them!

Taste your palate with our products....the quality, our reason for being.

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