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Do you want to change your habits and lead a healthier life? Nutrition, cosmetics and therapies are essential to take care of our body and our mind, and the consumption of products free of harmful substances plays a decisive role in achieving the balance we so badly need. At the Mentadulce herbalist we have more than 150 varieties of natural and organic herbs treated in an artisanal way to give our clients the highest quality in our natural products.

In addition, we have services in naturopathy, massage and Bach flower remedies, which is a natural therapy based on floral essences that produces positive effects on people's health. These are used to treat various pathologies and overcome fears.

Having adequate nutrition is the best investment for our body, therefore at the Mentadulce herbalist, we have a variety of organic products such as fruits and vegetables, as well as vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free food that allow us to have an optimal diet. In addition, we offer our customers diets based on natural products, with homemade, ecologically friendly and quality meals to lose those kilos under the advice of a specialist in dietetics.

Nature is the essence of beauty, therefore at the Mentadulce herbalist, we have a range of certified bioecological cosmetics based on natural ingredients from organic farming, which have been selected, combined and treated in a traditional way. Do not expose your body to toxic substances that exist in the conventional market: try a new way with us in taking care of yourself without the risks of artificial products.

Come by our shop in Roquetas de Mar and you will find all kinds of natural treatments to strengthen your defenses and combat diseases such as colds and allergies with natural products made from echinacea, propolis and other combined plants. At the Mentadulce herbalist you can also select your purchases to put in a gift basket of healthy and organic products. If you want to give health to your loved ones, we can help you with the perfect selections.

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