Avda. Juan Bonachera, 4.
04740 - Roquetas de Mar
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At Cesar Merino Rodriguez Clinic we perform all kinds of nursing treatments for health care, with personalized attention in our consulting rooms, at home and in the emergency room. We offer our services from Monday to Sunday, that are provided by qualified Nursing staff with more than 30 years of experience.

Among our services are treatments for the administration of injections, blood pressure monitoring and care for hypertensive patients, vaccinations, ear cleansing, removal of ear plugs. We can also pierce children's and adult ears for earrings, and reconstruct existing piercings. Other services include blood extraction, blood glucose control, as well as bladder and nasogastric catheterization.

In addition, we perform all kinds of treatments for surgical or infected wounds, abscesses, seromas, bruises, burns, pressure ulcers, diabetic feet, venous ulcers or the removal of foreign bodies. In our center you can also receive basic foot care such as the removal of calluses, nail cutting, and treatment of ingrown, deformed or thickened toenails.

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