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We are exclusive agents for the Asisa insurance company in Roquetas de Mar. We give our clients detailed and transparent advice in selecting personalized policies, both to individuals and companies, with specific promotions throughout the year. At Asisa Roquetas, we think about the future of families and dedicate ourselves to taking care of the health of our policyholders and their pets.

At Asisa Roquetas we have an excellent health insurance deal; a comprehensive policy that offers general coverage for treatments from family doctors, all types of specialists, as well as diagnostic tests, surgical interventions and therapies and complementary services. These include access to fertility treatments and discounts on ophthalmic laser operations.

For this, we have the broadest range of resources in the medical sector, with a list of between 25,000 and 30,000 medical professionals throughout Spain, which are available to those who are insured by us. Alternatively, if you would prefer to choose a doctor yourself, with Asisa Roquetas you can be assured of a reimbursement of most of your expenses. This gives you freedom of choice, while guaranteeing that the company will pay between 80 and 90% of the bill.

In addition to the medical field, at Asisa Roquetas we offer all types of insurance such as life, death, dental insurance, hospitalization and accidents and company insurance. In addition, we have policies for dogs and cats to ensure the security of your pets.

Within our wide range of products, we offer the most competitive deals in the life insurance market, including basic coverage for death, or permanent and complete disability. We also have a wide range of products that include legal assistance, death certificate processing, and money advances for the payment of taxes. We have a specialised life insurance policy for women, that provides compensation and life coverage for gynecological cancers.

With more than 40 years in providing health services coverage, Asisa is the only insurance company that is owned by doctors. It belongs to the Lavinia medical cooperative, which owns the Mediterranean Hospital in the province of Almeria, the Policlinicas del Poniente in El Ejido, and The Parador in the center of Almeria. These are Asisa's designated health medical centers where our policy holders are guaranteed 100% of their required services.

Ask us for a no commitment quote. We will personalize your insurance based on your needs and economic circumstances, because your health is priceless. Do not hesitate; visit our office in Roquetas de Mar, where we will advise you on how to select the best policy and we will take care of all aspects of the administrative services.

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