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Roquetas de Mar - What to visit

What to visit

If in addition to sun and beach tourism you want to know what to visit in Roquetas de Mar, we recommend the following visits:

Santa Ana Castle

Santa Ana Castle (Roquetas de Mar)
Nowadays, the interior is used as an exhibition hall in which paintings, photographs, sculptures, etc. are exhibited while enjoying great views of the coast. Admission is free.

It is worth mentioning the interior patio, which is of great beauty, in which the summer season musical concerts and shows are frequently held.
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Roquetas de Mar Lighthouse

Roquetas de Mar Lighthouse
Located next to the Santa Ana Castle, the Roquetas de Mar Lighthouse served in the past to guide the ships that approached the coast.

Nowadays, after the restoration works that were carried out to restore the building, it is an active exhibition center throughout the year.
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Our Lady of the Rosary Church

Our Lady of the Rosary Church (Roquetas de Mar)
This church was built in the 18th century, in Constitution Square.

On the main shrine there is a beautiful altarpiece created by Jesus de Perceval.
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Bullring of Roquetas de Mar
The Roquetas de Mar Bullring was inaugurated in the year 2002, with a completely different style than other more classic ones in Spain.

If you are a lover of bullfighting, you can visit the extensive display of exhibits in the Bullfighting Museum that is located in the bullring.
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Aguadulce Sport Port

Aguadulce Sport Port
Roquetas de Mar has two ports.

The Aguadulce Marina is recently built and has more than 700 mooring points, in addition to all the necessary services, with specialized shops and a Yacht Club.

It is an ideal place to walk in an incomparable area by the Mediterranean Sea.
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Roquetas de Mar Port

Port of Roquetas de Mar
Roquetas de Mar has two ports.

In contrast to the Aguadulce Sport Port, the Port of Roquetas de Mar is a classic fishing port, with corners full of charm where you can also find restaurants that will serve you a wide selection of the freshest fish dishes for you to enjoy.
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Aula del Mar

Aula del Mar (Roquetas de Mar)
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Punta Entinas-Sabinar

Punta Entinas-Sabinar Natural Park (Roquetas de Mar)
Between the towns of Roquetas de Mar and El Ejido is the Punta Entinas-Sabinar Nature Reserve. It comprises a range of dunes and lagoons of great ecological interest over nearly 2,000 hectares.

Nature lovers cannot miss this magnificent place. There are more than a hundred species of birds in the entire reserve; most of them aquatic.
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Posidonia Barrier Reef

Posidonia Barrier Reef (Roquetas de Mar)
This is one of the few posidonia meadows that are conserved in the Mediterranean Sea.

It has an area of more than 1 million square meters and is the place where many species of animals and plants live.

The entire reef has been declared a Natural Monument.
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