Aula del Mar (Roquetas de Mar)

Aula del Mar (Roquetas de Mar)

It is a museum of about 500 square meters equipped with the most modern technologies, created with the idea of raising environmental awareness regarding marine flora and fauna. There are areas dedicated to cetaceans, interactive games, information about local birds, with spaces dedicated to Posidonia oceanica and its associated species recreated in an aquarium.

In short, here you will find a very educational museum with a mainly visual exhibition, but it also includes different areas with tactile and auditory activities.

This site offers guided tours and very good service. In addition, the exhibitions on marine life have audiovisual and technological support, which makes the museum even more attractive for both children and adults. In the Aula del Mar, you can learn more about marine flora and fauna and also delve into the culture and historical past of the town, where the influence of fishing activity has always been relevant.

In the same way, from time to time, free conferences are given on marine life and the importance of learning to care for marine spaces sustainably.

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