Port of Roquetas de Mar

Roquetas de Mar Port

Roquetas de Mar has two ports.

In contrast to the Aguadulce Sport Port, the Port of Roquetas de Mar is a classic fishing port, with corners full of charm where you can also find restaurants that will serve you a wide selection of the freshest fish dishes for you to enjoy.

This is a versatile port, as it functions not only as a fishing port but also as a marina, making it a great tourist attraction – an activity that has been growing in the town.

The port of Roquetas de Mar offers a glimpse of the nautical cultural heritage of the region, where, in the past, the main economic activity was fishing – an activity that has now merged with tourism. Due to the great demand for fishing boats on the shores of Roquetas de Mar, it was necessary to build a port that would facilitate logistics and that, in one way or another, would also help boost the location’s tourist value.

Its inauguration dates back to 1936. It has undergone various restorations and extensions over the years until reaching what it is today: the site of hotel complexes and top-quality services.

Given that it also functions as a marina, a multitude of nautical activities can be carried out there.

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