Roquetas de Mar - Weather forecast

Weather forecast

Wednesday 28th of October 1:00 4:00 7:00 10:00 13:00 16:00 19:00 22:00
Clear Clear Clear Clear Clear Clear Clear Clear Clear Clear Clear Clear Clear Clear Fair Fair
Temperature 15°C 15°C 15°C 17°C 19°C 19°C 17°C 16°C
Wind 3 Km/h 3 Km/h 3 Km/h 4 Km/h 5 Km/h 8 Km/h 6 Km/h 4 Km/h
Northwest Northwest Northwest Northwest East East East East South South Southwest Southwest Southwest Southwest Southwest Southwest
Humidity 77% 77% 78% 72% 62% 63% 76% 78%
Thursday 29th of October 1:00
Clear Clear
Temperature 16°C
Wind 2 Km/h
Southwest Southwest
Humidity 77%
Friday 30th of October High Low Wind Humidity Sun Moon
21°C Clear 21°C 18°C 14 km/h
66% Sunrise: 7:31
Sunset: 18:17
18:02 - 06:15 Moonrise: 18:02
Moonset: 06:15
Saturday 31st of October High Low Wind Humidity Sun Moon
21°C Mostly cloudy 21°C 16°C 8 km/h
75% Sunrise: 7:32
Sunset: 18:16
18:28 - 07:12 Moonrise: 18:28
Moonset: 07:12
Sunday 1st of November High Low Wind Humidity Sun Moon
19°C Mostly cloudy 19°C 15°C 9 km/h
81% Sunrise: 7:33
Sunset: 18:15
18:57 - 08:09 Moonrise: 18:57
Moonset: 08:09
Monday 2nd of November High Low Wind Humidity Sun Moon
20°C Clear 20°C 17°C 15 km/h
64% Sunrise: 7:34
Sunset: 18:14
19:30 - 09:07 Moonrise: 19:30
Moonset: 09:07
Tuesday 3rd of November High Low Wind Humidity Sun Moon
18°C Partly cloudy 18°C 16°C 21 km/h
71% Sunrise: 7:35
Sunset: 18:13
20:07 - 10:06 Moonrise: 20:07
Moonset: 10:06
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Roquetas de Mar has an enviable climate where the temperature rarely drops below 18ºC, even in winter. The rainfall is infrequent and light, resulting in many sunny days with moderate and warm temperatures throughout the year.

In the winter months, temperatures are among the highest in Europe, which enables you to go outside more often, so there are always people on the beach and on the seafront throughout the year. The winter in Roquetas de Mar usually sees the sky almost always clear, with about 6 hours of sun a day and an average temperature of 18ºC. Between the months of December and March is when it is colder, but with a simple jacket, you will not be uncomfortable when going out.

In summer there are up to 11 hours of sun and temperatures can reach 38ºC, mainly in the months of July and August. These temperatures can fall again in mid-September to 23-27ºC. In the summer months you have to be very careful with the heat of the sun and avoid playing sports at times when it shines brighter. Apart from this, the Roquetas de Mar climate is perfect to enjoy the summer and its warm beaches with crystal clear waters, but above all, there is a perennial blue sky.

The unbeatable climate of Roquetas de Mar is another incentive for people from all over the world to visit there to enjoy their holidays.