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Imagine for a moment sitting at a bar and asking for a glass of wine or a beer with its cream well made, accompanied by a selection of different covers ... From that moment on you know you are in the Rincon Secreto, and we make a difference.

We are characterized by the variety and rotation of our fresh products, such as the Galician octopus, the calamari sandwich (we submerged ourselves to the Main Square of Madrid), the Tataki of red tuna marinated in soybeans, the Corvina on a black couscous kettledrum. Mediterranean style food is among other specialties that we can serve you.

In our place you can taste hamburgers and mini hamburgers with a denomination origin, as well as colorful bread for the little ones.

The meat of Black Angus, which is considered one of the best in the world, can be eaten. Carefully selected national and international meats are at your disposal in our premises and can be cooked on the table to give you the flavour you like the most.

You will be able to find Guisos created with thought and patience, as well as familiar recipes like the tail of bull to the Cordovan or the cheek in sauce of wine – both are accompanied by ice cream of Pedro Ximenez,

We also have a great variety of author tapas that fuse together different cultures, also traditional ones that leave people wanting more.

As we have a wide variety of wines, we also have a wide range of different beers: barrel, bottled national and international with its different forms of prepartion, thus enhancing the most relevant aspects, whether it is blonde, toast or gluten-free. Within these beers there are many types and each of them are very different with unique stories.

In the Rincon Secreto you can pair your meals with the best selection of red, rosé or white wines of the different denominations of origin that we have.

Do not think about it anymore, visit us and have an experience made for your senses.

We can’t wait to see you!

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