Church of the Incarnation (Albanchez - Almeria)

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Church of the Incarnation

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Church of the Incarnation (Albanchez - Almeria)
The Parish Church of Our Lady of the Incarnation is the main religious monument of Albanchez.

It has a Mudejar, neoclassical and baroque style, in the midst of beautifully designed arches to bring the eyes to the ceiling and the altar.

It is said that the church began to be built in the mid-16th century, but in one of its side entrances, known as “La Puerta del Sol”, is an inscription dating from 1622.
The church was enlarged in 1716 and, thanks to the proximity to the quarry of the town, many of its pieces were made from marble, which gives it an even greater beauty.

It is a particularly small church, but of great beauty, more than Renaissance works, thanks to its air of romantic architecture. It has three naves, the central being the largest and where the altar is located, as well as a Latin cross plan.

Saint Roch Hermitage

Saint Roch Hermitage (Albanchez - Almeria)
It was built in the 15th century, although it has largely been restored. The exterior façade is simple, the door opens with a semi-circular arch, and a belfry stands without a bell.

Its interior is very simple, with little decoration on its white walls and has lime armour.

It is located in the lower part of town, a circumstance that gives strength to the legend that there was a plague epidemic in the whole region, but Albanchez was safe.
In Cantoria they believed that it was due to the Saint and wanted to take him to protect them, but when the cart left the town they stopped inexplicably. Unable to continue, the Hermitage of Saint Roch was built there.

The Cross of Calvary

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The Cross of Calvary (Albanchez - Almeria)
The Cross of Calvary was a sign of identification for the new settlers of the 16th century. It is located in the upper part of the town, on the old exit to Almeria, and announced the character and beliefs of local people to passing travellers.

It measures two metres high and is made of white marble from Macael. It was ceded in 1693 by Martin Saez, Baltasar Cortes, Antonio Rodriguez Bervel, and Felipe Garcia, just as it says at the base of the cross. Later, two wooden crosses were added, one on each side, with processions stopping at Holy Week.

The Arches

The Roman Aqueduct of Albanchez is the area’s most representative monument. The Arches are considered one of the most important aqueducts in southern Spain, and although the exact date of its construction is not known, studies have determined that it dates from the Roman era, although it has undergone some reconstructions over time.

For some years now, the inhabitants have been looking for this monument to be recognized and catalogued as an Andalusian Cultural Heritage Site.
The first reference we have of the Arches dates from the 17th century and refers to its use for irrigation, the same purpose for which it was used until the beginning of the 20th century. It is a structure made mainly of stone, with irregular arches of 7 and 4 metres, with a total of 44.8 metres of structure.

Los Caños Fountain

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Los Caños Fountain (Albanchez - Almeria)
The Fountain of the “7 caños” is another of the historic sites of great relevance in Albanchez. It is a source from which 7 pipes flow that always contain flowing clean water. Built in the16th century, it was the public fountain from which the inhabitants of the area were responsible for collecting water for daily life.

This same source was the place where the inhabitants of the area washed their clothes and it also served as a watering hole for the cattle that grazed nearby.
It is a vivid example of the rural constructions of the time in several areas of Almeria, and the importance that was given to water, both for human consumption and for animals, as well as for the irrigation of vegetable gardens. This means that it was a point of great importance, because it is a town whose historical roots have been linked to the exercise of agriculture.

Municipal Laundry

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Municipal Laundry (Albanchez - Almeria)
Next to the Los Caños Fountain is a watering hole and a laundry room.

The set is supplied with the carbonated waters that come from the interior of the Sierra de los Filabres.

Monument to the Farmer

Monument to the Farmer (Albanchez - Almeria)
Albanchez is a town mainly of agriculture.

Almost all the people residing in the town are linked, one way or another, with this practice, which has been the economic foundation of the town.

Around the culture of agriculture there are several traditional festivals, but there is also the Monument to the Farmer, located in one of the entrances to the Spain Square, the central square of the town, located in its heart.
It is a sculpture approximately 1.60 metres wide by 1 metre high, created to honour the men and women who, for hundreds of years, have worked the lands of Albanchez.

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