Sanctuary of the Saliente (Albox - Almeria)

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Church of Saint Mary

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It is the oldest religious building in Albox and construction began in the 16th century, after the Reconquest of the Catholic Monarchs.

It has been recently restored and presents a baroque doorway very similar to that of the Puras Convent, in the city of Almeria.

Church of the Conception

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Church of the Conception (Albox - Almeria)
It was founded as a Hospice of the Franciscan Order in the 18th century. After the expulsion of the Franciscans, the Chapel remained as a subsidiary church of the Church of Saint Mary.

In 1855 it was dedicated to Our Lady of the Conception. In 1900 it was erected in Parish.

After the flood that occurred in 1973, the old building was demolished and replaced by a simple construction.

Sanctuary of the Saliente

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The Monastery of Our Lady of the Saliente is a favourite place for visitors and locals.

An emblematic place of Albox that for years has received praise for its architectural structure and unique beauty.

It has about 300 years of history, and since 1992 was declared an Andalusian Historical Heritage, being also one of the largest monasteries in eastern Andalusia.
Inside this monastery is the image of the Virgin of the Saliente, patroness saint of Albox and of those who are the inhabitants of several nearby towns, who attend this shrine to pay tribute.

It is a great architectural work, whose construction reaches 2,500 square metres and which, according to legend, has as many windows and doors as days in the year. The floor of the church is a Latin cross and a large dome that frames the main altar, giving it an imposing appearance.

The Holy Cross Hermitage

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The Holy Cross Hermitage (Albox - Almeria)
It was founded by the Franciscans in the 18th century at the highest point of Albox.

From its viewpoint you can enjoy wonderful views of Albox.

Saint Anthony Hermitage

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Saint Anthony of Padua Hermitage (Albox - Almeria)
It is another chapel of the 18th century, located in the Uptown, dedicated to Saint Anthony of Padua.

In its interior there are symbolic paintings of a popular type representing the virtues (justice, strength, temperance, prudence, charity and faith).

It has been recently restored.

Aljambra Tower

It is another of the declared monuments of the Andalusian Historical Heritage, due to its importance related to the history of Albox. At present, only the vestiges of what used to be an imposing guard tower and fortification of the town, used by the watchtowers to prevent possible attacks, remain.

It was built by the Muslims as a quadrangular tower in the 13th century, with masonry walls and is currently in a state of deterioration, by the passage of time, that is quite advanced.
Ceramic remains dating back to the Arab era have been found around the tower, confirming both the antiquity of the tower and its marked Muslim influence.

Tardiguera Tower

Tardiguera Tower (Albox - Almeria)
It is a tower that is quite deteriorated, although in better conditions than the Aljambra Tower, which was also declared a Historical Monument under the protection of the Spanish State.

The tower, built in the vicinity of the 13th century, is of Muslim construction and is said to be a watchtower tower from which the horizon could be seen and possible attacks on the town were anticipated.
Although the passage of time has caused havoc with the construction, the site is well visited because ruins act as a reminder of the antiquity of the tower, without detracting historical significance for its connection to the history of Albox.

Church of the Sorrows

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Church of the Sorrows (Llano del Espino - Albox - Almeria)
It is located in the Llano del Espino and is dedicated to Our Lady of Sorrows.

Church of Carmel

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Church of the Virgin of Carmel (Llano de los Olleres - Albox - Almeria)
During the terrible plague of cholera in the 1864, the residents of the neighbourhood of Llano de los Olleres made the Blessed Our Lady of Mount Carmel a vow to build a sanctuary if the epidemic ceased. As it happened, those farmers made every effort to build this religious building.

It was blessed in the year 1870 and currently, due to its deteriorated condition, is in the restoration phase.

Church of Saint Barbara

Church of Saint Barbara (Las Pocicas - Albox - Almeria)
It was built in the mid-19th century in El Lugarico, now Las Pocicas, and is dedicated to the virgin and martyr Saint Barbara.

It was enlarged by Bishop Rodenas Garcia in the middle of the 20th century.

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