Church of Saint James the Greater (Arboleas - Almeria)

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Church of Saint James

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Church of Saint James the Greater (Arboleas - Almeria)
It is a large church, built in honor of the Apostle Saint James the Greater in the 15th century, and was renovated in the 19th century.

It receives hundreds of visitors each year in honor of the Apostle, but who also come to celebrate the traditional festivities of the area, such as the celebration of Saint Roch, patron saint of the area.

This church claims to be full of sacred images, which are visited by those who enter their sanctuary.

Town Hall

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Town Hall of Arboleas (Arboleas - Almeria)
Although its construction dates back to 1988, which is quite recent compared to other historic buildings in the area, the truth is that the Town Hall is an imposing and beautiful building, which draws attention from the start.

Its location, in the heart of Arboleas, also makes it a worthwhile visit, since it is located in the heart of the city, next to the Constitution Square.

The Clock Tower

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The Clock Tower (Arboleas - Almeria)
The Clock Tower, known as "El Castillo", has more than 800 years of history. It was built as a watchtower for the old mosque that was in the area, and from where the surroundings and the river were observed, so as to avoid any enemy incursion.

Legend has it that the clock of the tower, which had held for years, was stolen by residents of the neighbouring town, although the reasons and the veracity of this information is unknown.
The clock tower is very similar to a maritime lighthouse, and was the site from which the watering times of the entire municipality were marked, as well as the place where the inhabitants gathered to listen to important announcements.

Francisco Perez Park

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Francisco Perez Park (Arboleas - Almeria)
Adjacent to the Clock Tower is the Francisco Perez Park. The access path to the Clock Tower has been paved.

This large park is ideal for the enjoyment of visitors, particularly those looking to spend some time outside.

This park, ideal for families to spend a full day, was built on land that was practically abandoned.
There, fruit trees that offer shade to visitors were planted, and playgrounds, rest areas, gardens, and green areas were installed, which give great beauty to the walk in general.

From the park you can access to the Clock Tower, where you can enjoy an old building and a wonderful view.

Pedro Gilabert Museum

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This museum was inaugurated in 2003, dedicated to the artist and sculptor Pedro Gilabert, a native of Arboleas. It has a permanent exhibition of works in olive wood, hand-carved by the artist. It consists of 142 pieces that visitors can enjoy any day of the year.

The museum, in addition to the two permanent exhibition halls of Gilabert, has a room for varied activities, in which cultural presentations of all kinds are held regularly, and two traveling exhibition halls in which exhibitions organized by different public and private institutions.

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