Church of Saint Mary (Bacares - Almeria)

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Church of Saint Mary

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This church was built between 1500 and 1505, with a classical Mudejar style, which is extremely attractive.

The church has a single lateral chapel, framed within the beauty of its classical façade.

The bell tower, attached to the floor, is one of the most striking elements, due to its large size that can be seen from several kilometres away.
Within its facilities is the image of the Holy Christ of the Forest, venerated by the inhabitants of Bacares and whose Baroque style image is a replica of the original, destroyed during the Spanish Civil War.

Castle of Bacares

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It is a small castle, compared to other castles found in the province of Almeria, but of equal architectural and historical importance.

It has not yet been determined exactly if its origin is Nasrid or Berber, but it can be said that it has influences from the Arab world.

Nor is it known exactly when it was built, but there are records dating back to 1506, which state that it was restored at that time.
It has just 7 dependencies, and although it was in a state of advanced deterioration, it was recently restored, not only to improve its appearance and preserve this Andalusian historical heritage, but also to create walkways that facilitate access, so that it can be of greater interest for visitors.

Those who visit the castle can also enjoy the cistern that is on one side of it, and that was the original reservoir of water that supplied the residents of this magnificent construction.

Public Laundry

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Public Laundry (Bacares - Almeria)
Throughout Almeria, and especially in the towns belonging to the Almanzora Valley, there are many sites with high ethnological interest, which remind us that these elements, among which are the laundries, pipes, and fountains, as well as serving the primary purpose for which they were used, also functioned as social centres.

This is the case of the Bacares public laundry facilities, which are fairly well preserved and are part of the town's historical heritage.

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