Church of the Virgin of the Rosary (Bayarque - Almeria)

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Church of the Rosary

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Church of the Virgin of the Rosary (Bayarque - Almeria)
The Parochial Church of the Virgin of the Rosary was built in the 16th century. Our Lady of the Rosary was elected patroness saint of Bayarque in 1797, and since then homage is paid to different traditional festivals.

As in other towns of Almeria, the Church, the Town Hall, and the Main Square are closely linked and located in the heart of the town, giving it greater tourist importance and serves as a reminder to how the relations between state and church worked in other times.
The temple is popular for having at least 14 images of different saints, among which is the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Immaculate Conception, Saint Joseph, the Most Holy Christ of Forgiveness, Saint Mark, Saint Anthony, among others, which makes it one of the favourite sites for religious tourism, pilgrims, and lovers of religious sculpture.

Bayarque Viewpoint

Bayarque Viewpoint (Bayarque - Almeria)
It is one of the must-see sites in Bayarque thanks to the privileged view of the town and its surroundings.

Hundreds of tourists who come to this municipality, choose the viewpoint as one of the places of interest, due to its view, not only of the town but of the mountains, which is extremely attractive and also has the perfect natural setting for photographs.

El Layon Hermitage

El Layon Hermitage (Bayarque - Almeria)
In 2007, after an initiative of institutions, businesspeople and the community, the hermitage in honour of the Virgin of Lourdes was inaugurated in Bayarque. The initiative arose in response to the need to locate a solemn site to pay homage and worship to the image of the Virgin Mary, found in the municipality in the 80s, without having a fixed place of rest.

In 2015, the hermitage became news again when lightning practically destroyed it, as well as the image that was inside it and everything else that accompanied it.

Cave of the pigeon

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Cave of the pigeon (Bayarque - Almeria)
It is a natural cavity that for many years was worked by the mining sector.

It is surrounded by a fantastic natural panorama that includes, among other things, the emblematic “Fuente del Huevo.”

In this area, mining was practised from 1888 to 1973, when the mining concession in the area ended.
It is one of the tourist sites par excellence in Bayarque, where people interested in knowing a little about the mining history of Almeria, and even by those who enjoy sport tourism and hiking because they need to take a walk to get to her.

Once there, in the first entrance, you can see outcrops of malachite, and once inside, it is a great experience, in which you can observe different rock formations and minerals.

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