Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel (Cantoria - Almeria)

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Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel

It is an ecclesiastical construction dating from the nineteenth century, specifically from 1816 to 1870. It is a big church that has been compared, architecturally, with a cathedral instead of a parish church.

It is a massive structure with two lateral naves, a Latin cross plan and a domed vault, which gives it a solemn meaning. The facade has three entrances, two towers, and columns attached to the sides, giving it that imperial air that has earned it the status of a cathedral.

Palace of Almanzora

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It is the most outstanding neoclassical building in the province of Almeria. It had its origin in the 18th century when the Marquis of Los Velez decided to divide his geographical area into three administrative zones.

In the mid-19th century, it was acquired by Antonio Abellan Pañuelas, who ordered the main building to be considerably enlarged, adding new dependencies and turning it into a palace, giving it the neoclassical air that was fashionable in the constructions of the time.

St. Cajetan & St. Antony Hermitage

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Saint Cajetan & Saint Antony Hermitage (Cantoria - Almeria)
It is a small baroque style temple, built in the 18th century in honour of Saint Ildefonsus.

On both sides of its main altar rests the patrons of the town, Saint Cajetan and Saint Antony the Great.

Marquis of La Romana House

Marquis of La Romana House (Cantoria - Almeria)
Very close to the Cantoria Square we find a manor house that belonged to Don Pedro Caro Salas, IV Marquis of La Romana.

This building, which also belonged to the XI Marquis of Los Velez, is a two-story neoclassical building built at the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century.

Saavedra Theater

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Saavedra Theater (Cantoria - Almeria)
The Saavedra Theater was built in 1926, at the expense of Vicente Gimenez Saavedra, according to the commemorative plaque on one of the side doors.

Cantoria Viewpoint

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Cantoria Viewpoint (Cantoria - Almeria)
It is an excellent viewpoint with stunning views of the town of Cantoria and its surroundings.

Stone of the Old Place Castle

Stone of the Old Place Castle (Cantoria - Almeria)
It is said that Cantoria may well have been a fortified city, because of its small size and the vestiges of fortifications that exist around it.

The ruins of what was of this castle further suggest that it was one of the large dimensions, located on a slope whose access was not easy, with the intention of not allowing it to be taken or assaulted easily.

The only standing part has four bastions, between which there are approximately 10 to 15 meters away.
It is presumed that it could have been built between the 9th and 10th centuries, with Nasrid influence, but the information is not clear. In the surroundings of the castle, you can also find remains of a well, an “era” and a farmhouse.

Alto Pulpito Tower

Alto Pulpito Tower (Cantoria - Almeria)
The Alto Pulpito Tower is a construction made, like many of the oldest buildings in Almeria, for protection purposes during the war.

It was built by the Muslims in the 10th century, and some of their remains still stand. The site has attracted both visitors and researchers.

The Alto Pulpito Tower is located on a slope in the village of Almanzora.
Its access is not very complicated, and it is estimated that this tower, which has also been called Windmill, was used to communicate with another tower located in the “Cerro La Copa”.

This tower was intended to communicate with all the towers that were in the surroundings, to inform any attempt of invasion or danger to the sovereignty and tranquility of the town. This communication was usually carried out with mirrors or smoke.

The Torreta Tower

The Torreta Tower (Cantoria - Almeria)
The “Torreta” is the popular name that this tower has received, but it is the Watch Tower of Cantoria, and its function was precise to ensure the surveillance of the entire surroundings of the Cantoria boundaries, to avoid an incursion.

It is a cylindrical construction, with a base a little thicker and well built in masonry, with three windows still visible in the structure, but with the suspicion of the existence in the past of a fourth window, which was destroyed.
Although at the moment, due to the deterioration which was created as a result of time and the attacks it has received, the tower is completely hollow inside, we can see the previous existence of three access floors, and a terrace with a sill from which, surely, the surveillance tasks.

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