Church of Saint Lawrence (Chercos - Almeria)

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Church of Saint Mary

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The Parochial Church of Saint Mary is located in Old Chercos and is a church of small dimensions, built in the 16th century, specifically in the year 1505.

Over time it has undergone several transformations, the most recent being one carried out in the 19th century.

Church of Saint Lawrence

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Church of Saint Lawrence (Chercos - Almeria)
Initially, there was a small hermitage, but this one could not shelter everyone. Hence, people now wanted a church that can accommodate everyone.

The Church of Saint Lawrence is a modern building, rectangular in shape, with three facades and a dividing wall. It lodges the images of Saint Lawrence and the Virgin of Fatima, as well as others of great sentimental relevance for all the inhabitants of Chercos.

Saint Lawrence Fountain

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Saint Lawrence Fountain (Chercos - Almeria)
It owes its name to Saint Lawrence, patron saint of Chercos. It was built in 2006. It is located at the foot of the Town Hall Square.

The engraving on the stone with the image of Saint Lawrence stands out, as well as a relief engraving of an oak, which symbolises the name of Chercos.

Park of the Pilarica

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Park of the Pilarica (Chercos - Almeria)
This Municipal Park of Chercos was built on an area of 3,300 meters in length.

It was inaugurated on October 12, 2013, and this park is characterised by a Sevillian style cover and a statue of the Virgin of Pilar, called “La Pilarica”, accompanied by other very emotional ornaments.

Also, it has a replica of the lion's fountain that appears in the Alhambra in Granada.

The Piedra Labrada

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The “Piedra Labrada” or “Piedra Labrá” is a set of stone panels, on which is the engraving of drawings linked to prehistory.

It is one of the most archaeological and touristic sites of Chercos because you can see on these rocky panels, the set of images of archaeological and monumental interest, of rock engravings.
These images represent part of the tribal life of Chercos, sometimes overlapping one another, but undoubtedly leaving a clear expression of the presence of antiquity.

There are anthropomorphic drawings depicting warriors armed with rock art, animals such as horses, oxen, donkeys and goats, equestrians and chariots, and some figures that have a more ambiguous interpretation.

Old Chercos Viewpoint

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It is a fantastic viewpoint, located in what was previously an “era.”

Old Chercos Castle

Old Chercos Castle (Chercos - Almeria)
It is a Muslim structure made with warlike characters. It is estimated that this old castle was the fortress of Chercos and was built between the 10th and 13th centuries, as an Andalusian fortress, but with an undeniable Berber Islamic style.

This has been determined due to the layout of the construction, characteristic of the Islamic fortresses, with a wall that surrounds the entire perimeter in an oval shape attached to several square towers.
Although the walls and the structure, in general, are quite eroded, this has not prevented the castle from being a protected real estate and engulfing the ranks of the monuments that have been considered part of the Andalusian Historical Heritage.

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