Church of Saint Mary (Cobdar - Almeria)

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Church of Saint Mary

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Church of Saint Mary (Cobdar - Almeria)
This is an ecclesiastical construction dating back to the 17th century and is part of the Andalusian Historical Heritage.

It is a small church, whose bell tower can be observed from several points of the town due to its large size (when compared to other structures in the area).

The church gives the impression of being a house of civil architecture, due to its simplicity, but it has a lot of history and importance for the daily life of the town’s inhabitants.
As with other Almerian towns, the church is strategically located in the heart of the area, next to the main square and the town hall, and is part of almost all the traditional activities of the town.

The Stone

The Stone (Cobdar - Almeria)
This natural monument is a white marble stone, at the foot of which is the town of Cobdar.

Besides being a natural monument of incredible beauty, it is a very popular place for those who practice hiking in its most natural state, because they can do it without a guide.

The Stone is the distinctive and characteristic element of Cobdar, which even gives name to its inhabitants, known as the “Riblancos”.

Cave of the Castillico

Cave of the Castillico (Cobdar - Almeria)
This is a natural cave located in the interior of “The Stone”, on the Saint Peter hill. This cave has great value for the town and for the archaeological community in general, so it has been considered a site of cultural and historical interest.

It dates back to the Neolithic era, some 3,000 years BC and inside it there has been numerous utensils of the time found, which have been preserved by the Spanish State. Some of the utensils found have been ornaments, pieces of ceramics, utensils for hunting and other objects.
Each of them are sheltered and are exhibited in the Museum of Almeria, but the importance of the cave and its interest remains intact, being visited regularly by tourists from around the world.

La Fuente Park

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La Fuente Park (Cobdar - Almeria)
La Fuente Recreational Park, is located at the entrance of the town and is, in itself, an invitation to go in and stay. It is a park set in a natural space, whose decorative aspects try to obstruct as little as possible of the natural environment, so you will find stones used as decorations and wooden stools.

This recreational park has a space dedicated to the old mines of mineral exploitations, which helps in remembering the activities of the town, and also has a site for the extraction of water.
La Fuente Recreational Park has a picnic area and a laundry room, in addition to the natural spaces that make it one of the favorite places of locals and visitors.

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