Church of the Rosary (Fines - Almeria)

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Church of the Rosary

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Church of the Rosary (Fines - Almeria)
The Parochial Church of Our Lady of the Rosary is the main religious construction of Fines, and it is quite striking. It has a single nave, adorned by the main chapel and a choir at its feet.

Its main attraction are the main portico, the entrance, and the tower, which can be seen from afar. The opening of the church has a lintel vain that has been reinforced by moldings that emphasizes it. This church was built in 1631 and has a Mudejar style that attracts many tourists, and is also the center of the traditional celebrations in Fines.

Freedom Sculpture

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Freedom Sculpture (Fines - Almeria)
Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful elements that makes up Fines is the Freedom Sculpture. It is the shape and size of a female figure, approximately 4 meters high, made by the artist Andres Garcia Ibañez.

It was inaugurated only a few years ago (2017), and has become one of the most emblematic places in the town for several reasons: the first that this sculpture is the largest statue in the world that has been carved with a single piece of white marble, and the second, that the sculpture has been named “Freedom”, for being a national monument dedicated to the victims of gendered violence.
The sculpture is arranged in the Rosa Galera Martos viewpoint, in honor of a woman of Fines who was killed by her partner in 2011. The place receives hundreds of visits all year, many of who simply observe the impressive sculpture that is worthy of praise, and others who remember and honor the women who have been victims of this scourge.

The Green Way

The Green Way (Fines - Almeria)
It is an urban walk that extends for approximately 3,500 meters in the heart of the city.

It was installed in what used to be the railroad route that was no longer in use, and at the moment it has become one of the favorite places of the inhabitants in the area.

It is also a place of frequent visits by the tourists that arrive at Fines.
It is a kind of boulevard that allows access of bicycles, people on foot and even people with reduced mobility. It makes it ideal for solo walks, as a couple or a family.

It offers a magnificent view and goes hand in hand with the spirit of tranquility and calm that is breathed in the rest of the town.

Museum of Sculptures

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Museum of Sculptures (Fines - Almeria)
The Open Air Sculpture Museum is a route that is part of the Green Way of Fines.

This walk allows us to observe multiple sculptures, all made in the emblematic Macael white marble, typical of the area.

These sculptures are artistic representations of great beauty, which pays tribute and homage to different countries, cultures and characters.
Among them, you can find sculptures in homage to the great Federico Garcia Lorca, as well as other important figures of culture, art and the history of Spain.

Cañal Fountain

Cañal Fountain (Fines - Almeria)
The “Cañal” Fountain, dating back to 1877, is another of the representative works of the area, which recalls the way in which the water distribution was made in ancient times.

It is not odd to find, in some towns of Almeria fountains, cisterns and laundries. People used to meet there to collect water for their consumption, to wash, and to give water for animals to drink.
The space was recovered, in order to give a greater appeal to locals and tourists visiting the town, and a picnic area was installed in its surroundings. This allows the meeting of visitors to enjoy the view offered by the fountain.

The recovery of these spaces has been achieved thanks to the incentives of the authorities, the impulse of its inhabitants and some private organizations of the area.

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