Church of Saint Mary (Lijar - Almeria)

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Church of Saint Mary

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Church of Saint Mary (Lijar - Almeria)
The Parochial Church of Saint Mary was built in the 18th century under the direction of Alfonso Gutierrez and Juan Lopez de Robles. It is said that its construction took about 10 years, completed between 1718 and 1728, which is considered a fairly short period of time when taking into consideration that the churches of some villages took up to 100 years to complete.

This church, which was originally dedicated to the Virgin of the Rosary, has a Latin cross plan covered with vaults, which is considered ecclesiastical architecture characteristic of the period and the area.
In the second half of the 18th century, some private chapels were added to the church and this undoubtedly added to the original plan of the temple. It was probably at this time that the main portico was carved, where the shield is still present, although in an evident state of deterioration.

Some of the details that adorned the chapel at that time are preserved to this day.

Virgin of Fatima Hermitage

Virgin of Fatima Hermitage (Lijar - Almeria)
In the middle of the road to reach Lijar, there is the hermitage in honor of the Virgin of Fatima. It was built more than 50 years ago, specifically in the decade of the 60s, to allow the repose of the image of the Virgin.

It has a special influence on the life of the people, because many of its inhabitants are devotees of the Virgin and attend every first Sunday of May to a Eucharist in his honor. This takes place in the hermitage and is also attended by devotees from neighboring villages.
After the mass, a procession is performed with the image of the Virgin, which goes from the ermitage to the boundaries of Lijar with Chercos, and then back.

This traditional festival does not end there, as later around the hermitage there is also a celebration in his honor, in which the whole family participates, and where dances and traditional meals are held.

Castle of Lijar

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The Castle of Lijar is probably one of its most distinctive and characteristic elements.

At first glance, the castle seems to be newly built, and this is because it was built in 2005, being the last castle built in Europe, making it very striking.

It was built by two masons of the town, who made sure to leave their name engraved on a plaque that adorns the vicinity of the castle.
It was built precisely because it seemed surprising, to a group of inhabitants, that a city that was capable of declaring war on a European power such as France, did also not have a single defensive or military construction.

It is a real architectural jewel, very well preserved and of great tourist attraction, which once again puts Lijar in the sights of scholars, tourists and visitors.

Next to the Castle of Lijar a tower was built, which stands at 7 meters high. This allows the tower to be seen from any point of the town, and from the tower you can access the best views of the whole town.

The inhabitants of the area, as well as the public and private institutions, have been in charge of keeping the tower and the castle in the best possible condition, as well as its surroundings, where they constructed cobblestone roads for its access, giving it great beauty.

Public Laundry

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Public Laundry (Lijar - Almeria)
It is a typical laundry of the Almerian villages of the Almanzora Valley.

In the past, the social life of the people revolved around these structures.

Cave of the Moor

About two kilometers from the town is the Cave of the Moor, located in the ravine of the same name.

In this place there are several natural caves where time and water have formed stalagmites and stalactites. Taking the tour inside the grottos is a perfect day for the little ones.

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