Church of the Assumption (Olula del Rio - Almeria)

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Church of the Assumption

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Church of the Assumption (Olula del Rio - Almeria)
The Church of the Assumption was built in 1968, relatively recently, but quickly positioned itself as the most important religious centre of the town.

This is due to its proportions and distribution, which allow many people to access each religious service, which is a great advantage.

It is a reasonably simple building, adorned by a tower that gives it an air of grandeur and a tone of solemnity.
Inside there is an altar where the image of the Assumption of Mary rests and some religious paintings that are very interesting and striking, as well as a baptismal font made of marble, which undoubtedly brings a unique elegance to the church.

Church of Saint Sebastian

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The Church of Saint Sebastian dates from the 18th century, and is much smaller than the Church of the Assumption, but adorned by a bell tower reminiscent of its antiquity.

Casa Ibañez Museum

It is an excellent museum, which contains in its interior one of the largest and most representative contemporary art exhibitions in Andalusia. Its main exponent is Andres Garcia Ibañez, whose works are exhibited in the first five rooms, becoming one of the broadest tours of the museum.

This art centre houses more than 1,200 iconic pieces of contemporary art with works by top-level artists, such as Goya, Lopez Mezquita, Paco Lopez, Los Madrazo, Chicharro, among others.
Among the most important works are also some of the most renowned Almerian artists of the 20th century, such as Jesus de Perceval, Capuleto, Gines Parra and Pedro Gilabert.

In total, the museum has 16 exhibition halls, 14 of which are occupied by the permanent collections of the museum and the last two are used for travelling exhibitions that the museum decides to show to the public throughout the year.

Perez Siquier Center

The Perez Siquier Center for Photography is another fantastic site that Olula del Rio has. It is a cultural centre that houses, for the most part, the work of the talented Carlos Perez Siquier, born in Almeria in 1930 and one of the pioneers of Spanish avant-garde photography, who also won the National Photography Award in 2003.

This personage is of fundamental importance to the Almeria and Spanish photography of the last decades was named Supernumerary Academician of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Our Lady of Sorrows in Granada.

Woman from Almanzora

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The sculpture of the Woman from Almanzora is a statue of approximately 8 meters high, made by the marble artist Antonio Lopez, and which is located next to the Casa Ibañez Museum and the Perez Siquier Photography Museum.

It’s imposing size, and great beauty makes it worthy of the title of one of the 30 wonders of the Almanzora and is extremely popular among visitors who come to Olula del Rio.
It can also be seen from the walk on the Almanzora Green Way of the area and was created to call attention to the town, specifically to the area where it is located, to be part of the Cultural City.

The enclave between the Almanzora Green Way, the two museums and this fantastic sculpture was not made at random but had the function of generating a space dedicated to culture in Olula del Rio.

Almanzora Green Way

It is considered as one of the 30 wonders of Almanzora, the Almanzora Green Way seems to be taken from a movie. It was built on the railroad line, which at the time fulfilled the function of taking out more expeditiously the ore that was processed in the area.

The Green Way of the Almanzora, in Olula del Rio, covers part of the railway system that was in disuse, along approximately 35 kilometres, roughly.
It is a fantastic walk, in which a bike path has been established and which also allows access to people with reduced mobility, making it an option for the whole family. It is elegantly decorated with sidewalks and lampposts, which illuminate the road every night and provide a romantic atmosphere capable of inspiring anyone.

Christ of the Good Death Hermitage

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Christ of the Good Death Hermitage (Olula del Rio - Almeria)
This Hermitage was built at the foot of “Cerro Almirez,” in the Sierra de las Estancias.

The major idea behind the construction of the hermitage in this area is because it is on the industrial estate and this area had a lot of production and abundant workers; hence they built it to protect the inhabitants.

In the square of the chapel is the image of the Christ of the Good Death, a sculpture carved in white marble of Macael in one piece and of singular beauty.

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