Castle of Sierro (Sierro - Almeria)

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Castle of Sierro

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The Castle of Sierro dates from the pre-Islamic era and was built, like most of the castles of Almeria, for defensive purposes, and to be able to repel any attempt of invasion or taking of the town - especially during the time of the harvests, when the war incursions increased to steal food.

This castle has undergone a reconstruction process, during which they have found samples of ancient pottery, as well as other elements that attest to the long history of the castle.
Among the findings are coins, iron slags, weapons and lead, all related to the date on which the castle is asummed to be operative. In the castle there are also the remains of a cistern, the walls, the tower and a cemetery.

It is of great historical, architectural and cultural value, for it has been declared a Protected Heritage.

Church of Saint Sebastian

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Church of Saint Sebastian (Sierro - Almeria)
The history of the Church of Saint Sebastian begins like many others in Almeria, with a mosque that was destroyed during the war between Moorish and Christians, and on which a Mudejar style church was built.

The first temple built on the mosque was built in 1572, and it was restored in the 17th century and remained standing until the 19th century. Due to the state of ruins in which the temple was left, it was demolished in 1852 and in 1882 the temple that is known today was built.
The church of Saint Sebastian of the present time is a catholic temple of neoclassical style. This construction is located in the heart of the town, as is common in most of the towns, next to the town hall and the town square.

Sierro Viewpoint

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Sierro Viewpoint (Sierro - Almeria)
The Sierro viewpoint is an initiative, carried out by the town council, to improve access conditions to the Castle.

This viewpoint, made to offer a rewarding and familiar visit, has a picnic area, tables, benches, chairs, lanterns and everything necessary to turn it into a pleasant place to visit and of course, you will want to later return.

From the viewpoint you will be guaranteed the best view of the town, as well as the mountains and the surroundings.
This viewpoint attracts tourists and locals who come to enjoy the Castle and the view from this point, which is also relatively recently constructed, so it is in an excellent condition.

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