Church of Saint Mary (Somontin - Almeria)

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Church of Saint Mary

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Church of Saint Mary (Somontin - Almeria)
The Church of Saint Mary of Somontin was built in the 16th century, with a characteristic Mudejar style, typical of the area and the period in which it was erected. One of its unique features was a Mudejar wooden coffered ceiling.

However, over time the church deteriorated, and in 1983 it suffered a partial collapse of part of its roof, including the beautiful wood paneling and a side wall. It was rebuilt and is currently the most important religious center of Somontin.
Inside this church, there are two images of great value for the people and the parishioners. It is about the image of the Virgin of Sorrows and Saint Sebastian “El Chico.” Both images survived the burning of the Saints, which took place during the Spanish Civil War.

Fountain of Saint Sebastian

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Fountain of Saint Sebastian (Somontin - Almeria)
In many towns of Almeria, there are still the vestiges of the fountains that during time served to supply the town with water, serve as a watering hole for cattle, wash and irrigation of crops.

Not in vain much has been written about these representative fountains and washhouses, where a great part of the social life of the inhabitants who went there to wash and quench the thirst of their cattle was carried out.
In Somontin you can still find the Fountain of Saint Sebastian, where there are two pipes that even today still flows from the bowels of the mountain, which has a peculiarity that many approaches to check: during the winter the water comes out warm, and in summer it comes out cold.

The Balcony of Almanzora

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The Balcony of Almanzora (Somontin - Almeria)
Also known as “Pretil,” the Balcony of Almanzora has a privileged view that gave it that name, meaning that from this point you can see all the villages of the valley.

It is said that from the Balcony of Almanzora you can see from Cantoria to Lucar, as well as panoramic views of the marble quarries, the fertile plain of the Almanzora river and the crops that spread throughout the valley.
The name of Balcony of Almanzora was granted to it by Francisco Villaespesa, who was amazed by the sight of the place and gave it the name above, with which it is popularly known.

Public Laundry of Somontin

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Public Laundry (Somontin - Almeria)
As in the case of fountains and pipes, public laundries are common in the towns of Almeria.

Several studies have been carried out on this phenomenon, concluding that in fact, the importance of the laundries lay mainly in the supply of water for different tasks, in this case for the cleaning of the clothes, but without a doubt they generated an effect that it allowed the inhabitants of the villages to solidify and build their social relations with the neighbors.

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