Ethnographic Museum (Taberno - Almeria)

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Ethnographic Museum

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Its name is Interpretation Center of the Habitat and was created in 1998 to collect, protect and interpret the objects, utensils, machinery and similar that belong to another era and that have been found in Taberno and areas surrounding.

The museum was initiated as an initiative of the inhabitants of Taberno, who decided to give as a donation the objects that they had in their shelter, currently reaching more than 2,000 objects in the exhibition.
It is one of the places that you cannot miss when you arrive in Taberno, to appreciate first hand all those objects linked to the antiquity and the origins of this town.

The center has three main spaces, the reception, the exhibition area and the "Memory of a people" space. In this last room is the important donations made by the residents of Taberno, which have great historical and archaeological significance.

Olive Oil press

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Olive Oil press (Taberno - Almeria)
The Olive Oil press is an old olive oil factory, in which methods and traditional equipment are exposed for the treatment of it.

In this space, a video is shown, made at the time when the mill was used, where the process can be appreciated, where you can even see a step by step procedure used.

On the site, there are bottles of oil, so that visitors can take one and taste the traditional flavor of the oil extracted by hand.
This mill worked until the mid-20th century, so it is in a perfect state of preservation.

The exhibition allows us to know in depth the process of olive oil extraction that was carried out since ancient times in Taberno and other towns.

Church of Saint Joseph

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Church of Saint Joseph (Taberno - Almeria)
It is located in the historical center, the Church of Saint Joseph dated from the 18th century and was built in the historic center as a branch of the church of Velez-Rubio.

This church, as was the case in many other churches in Almeria, also functioned as a cemetery and was the site where the dying inhabitants were buried, until the municipal cemetery was built.

It was not constituted as a parish until the year 1900.

The Calvary Hermitage

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The Calvary Hermitage (Taberno - Almeria)
It is estimated that the construction of this hermitage dates from 1846 to 1897.

It is a small and picturesque building that quickly attracts the attention of those who travel nearby, due to its small size and its church form.

It is a small temple in honor of the Holy Calvary, also located in a privileged situation, since it is located in a natural viewpoint, offering a wonderful view to those who come to know it.
This hermitage is part of the pilgrimage and procession of the Calvary of Holy Friday from the origins of the town and continues to be the main center of the collection of offerings to the patron saint, Saint Joseph of Taberno.

Church of Los Llanos

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Church of Los Llanos (Taberno - Almeria)
It is a church dedicated to the Virgin of Carmen. If this church stands out for something, it is for the singularity of its procession, since it does not have a route or an approximate duration, since it is an auction procession.

There are some “butlers” who change every year, who are in charge of auctioning who is going to take the virgin from the church. After a few meters traveled with the Virgin is returned to auction at the same system, is the winner of the auction who decides what street the virgin will pass, thus deciding the journey of the procession.
Even if someone wants to stop the virgin at the door of his house, he must pay to stop and also pay to continue.

This money is used to pay for repairs to the church, improvements in the image, etc.

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