Church of Saint Mary (Tijola - Almeria)

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Church of Saint Mary

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Church of Saint Mary (Tijola - Almeria)
The Parochial Church of Saint Mary, built and dedicated to this Virgin who is the patroness saint of Tijola, is an architectural structure of great beauty. It is estimated that it was built between the 17th and 18th centuries, with a Franciscan style that has been discovered over the years.

Although this style can not be seen with the naked eye, underneath the layers of lime covering the walls live remains of decoration with black and red filigree, which is characteristic of the church buildings of this order.

Train station

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The old train station is charming and full of history, and is located less than 1 kilometer from the heart of the town.

The station is located on the Almanzora Green Way and next to the station you can also find an old train, which was once the same route that reached that station.

Virgin of Socorro Hermitage

Virgin of Socorro Hermitage (Tijola - Almeria)
The Virgin of Socorro is the patroness saint of Tijola, and her Hermitage Sanctuary is the second largest and most important temple in the area.

It is said that the construction of this hermitage dates from the 17th century, but the exact date is not known, although there is data that refers to this as a house of prayer to the Virgin since 1650. The hermitage has undergone several restorations so that its state is not in clear decline, as is the case of other hermitages with the same constructions dates, all located in different parts of Almeria.
This hermitage has a Roman cross plan, also with a facade, with a dome and the tower covered in marked elements that reminds others of Mudejar style buildings.

In its interior elements characteristic of the late Renaissance churches can be seen, although it is possible to be said that it is quite simple, especially when we observe the altarpiece of pine wood and the columns that were covered. Its most important element is the image of the Blessed Virgin of Socorro, who is said to have arrived from Italy in 1498 and has been sheltered during all this time.

Saint Sebastian Hermitage

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It is located in the neighborhood to which it gives its name. This Hermitage, since 1578, has been dedicated to the patron saint of the town.

The hermitage suffered damages during the Civil War, in which it was used as a prison, destroying the image of Saint Sebastian.

In 1943, the Board of Directors of the Brotherhood restored the image, which can be seen inside today.

Saint Cajetan Hermitage

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This was the first church of the town, later becoming the hermitage of the Virgin of Fatima.

It is located in the oldest part of the town and inside it is a small image of the Virgin of Fatima, which, every May 13th, goes out to walk in a beautiful procession along the long colored sawdust carpets that become the streets of Tijola.

El Salvador Hermitage

El Salvador Hermitage (Tijola - Almeria)
This is located on the outskirts of the urban area, in the area called "El Rulaor".

Its origin dates back to the 19th century.

Inside is Jesus Salvador, a classic and simple image of 1942, that came from Madrid to replace the original image, which was destroyed in 1936.

Mary Help of Christians Hermitage

Mary Help of Christians Hermitage (Cela - Tíjola - Almería)
The Hermitage of Mary Help of Christians, located in the neighborhood of Cela, dates from 1919.

It is located next to the fountain and was built, on its grounds, by the Aynat family.

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