Church of St. Raymond Nonnatus (Zurgena - Almeria)

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Church of St. Raymond Nonnatus

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Church of St. Raymond Nonnatus (Zurgena - Almeria)
Zurgena acquired in 1525 the authorization to be able to count on an own parish church, without depending on the Huercal-Overa municipality, as it had done since its origins until that moment.

The Parish Church of Saint Raymond Nonnatus was built in 1560 on the remains of a mosque. It is not strange that many of the churches of Almeria have been built on the ruins of a mosque, taking into consideration the Arab influence and the past history of this province.
Due to its late construction, specialists have defined the style of this church as Neo-Mudejar.

Old Train station

The old train station has a great historical importance, besides being a place loaded with great beauty and much nostalgia.

The passage of the train through this town, as well as other towns of Almeria, represented an economic growth that undoubtedly was affected when it was closed in 1985.

The Clock Tower

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The Clock Tower (Zurgena - Almeria)
The Clock Tower dates back to 1882 and was built on a small hill located on the outskirts of the historic center of Zurgena.

The Tower stands on the village at about 7 meters high and its ceiling reveals the undoubtedly Arabic influence, with a roof of eight waters characteristic of Arab architecture.

In the upper part of the tower there is a vane, as well as the bells and the emblematic clock, which is one of the most appreciated objects of the town of Zurgena.

The Calvary Hermitage

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The Calvary Hermitage (Zurgena - Almeria)
It was built between 1874 and 1878 and it is home to the Virgin of the Calvary, who appeared to a shepherd on the mound of Calvary, in the same place where the hermitage is located.

The dimensions of the Hermitage are small, so it only has five rows of benches on each side.

The last Sunday of each month a mass is celebrated in the Hermitage.

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