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Coordinates: 37.351139°, -2.074257°

Distance to Almeria: 105 km

Elevation: 278 m

Population: 4,439 inhabitants (2023)

Demonym: Arboleano (a)

Arboleas is one of the municipalities with the largest number of inhabitants of the Almanzora Valley. Its extension is 65 km² and the village is situated on a hill, so it stands out among the mountains with stunning landscape views.

In this area settlers came here during the prehistoric era, proven with the archaeological sites found here. It was under Nasrid control for several years and which was later passed over to Christian control. The battle of “Corral de Arboleas” between Christians and Moors took place here. With regard to economic activities, they concentrate on the production of almonds, citrus fruits and oil mills, as well as the construction industry. There is also an industrial estate that is growing and playing an important role.

In addition to agriculture, sheep and goat farming has been one of the traditional economic activities in the region. It is still preserved in its rural environment, although on a smaller scale. Another sector that has seen a boom in recent times, in addition to construction and its derivatives, is the hotel industry, motivated by the increase in the number of inhabitants from other countries, particularly the United Kingdom.

Various monuments and buildings of historical interest can be visited in both the town and its surroundings, such as the Church of Saint James and the Arboleas Tower or the Clock Tower, a construction that dates back to the 15th century, when it served as a watchtower.

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