Armuña de Almanzora (Almeria)

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Coat of arms of Armuña de Almanzora (Almeria)

Armuña de Almanzora
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Coordinates: 37.350154°, -2.415126°

Distance to Almeria: 91 km

Elevation: 624 m

Population: 335 inhabitants (2023)

Demonym: Armuñero (a)

This is located on the right bank of the Almanzora river, in the upper part of the valley. Fruit trees and orchards abound on its land, although agriculture is practiced in a family way and is not one of the main economic activities that sustain the municipality.

From the remains found in the area, it has been possible to determine that the Romans settled in these lands, leaving traces of their culture, particularly in the site called the “Muela del Ajo”. The town viewpoint is an excellent place to admire the beauty of the valley and take pictures of its spectacular views.

The inhabitants have traditionally devoted themselves to the planting of vegetables, cereals, grapes and olive trees. Currently, its peach and apricot crops stand out.

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