Chercos (Almeria)

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Coat of arms of Chercos (Almeria)

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Coordinates: 37.266752°, -2.258213°

Distance to Almeria: 79 km

Elevation: 805 m

Population: 301 inhabitants (2022)

Demonym: Chercarro (a)

The old town of Chercos is located on steep terrain and is difficult to access, with its stone houses adapted to the geography of the ravine and twisted and steep alleys. In the highest part are the ruins of a citadel, an old Islamic defensive construction, with towers and a nearby cistern. Chercos was part of the State of Tahal during the time of Al-Andalus, and lived through wild events during the Christian conquest and the rebellion of the Moorish.

The new town of Chercos is located in a more accessible valley, settled on fertile lands, with modern buildings and linear streets. Many farmhouses have been fitted out in its surroundings and today they function as lodging places that offer comforts for tourists. Between both towns is a circular hiking route of about 6 kilometres, which can be covered with relative ease.

Chercos is a small and quiet town that retains much history in its monuments and buildings, as well as impressive landscapes of the mountains and the valley that shelters it. This town keeps alive its patrimonial traditions, seen with the celebration of Saint Lawrence and bowling games that take place in Holy Week. The economy is based on the extraction of marble, along with agriculture.

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