Cobdar (Almeria)

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Coat of arms of Cobdar (Almeria)

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Coordinates: 37.261575°, -2.210018°

Distance to Almeria: 76 km

Elevation: 605 m

Population: 202 inhabitants (2023)

Demonym: Riblanco (a)

Cobdar is distinguished as being a picturesque village located at the foot of a spectacular white marble stone, stationed in the Sierra de los Filabres. The municipality covers 32 km². In its spaces you feel a supreme peace due to the streets and buildings that protect ancestral customs.

Its main origins are of an Arab nature, a fact demonstrated by the archaeological remains found at the top of the town, such as a citadel. The “Castillico” cave is interesting, where various articles made of marble, stone and ceramics were found, all dating from the Neolithic period. Visitors are attracted to the breathtaking landscapes, the human quality of its inhabitants, the gastronomy, and the traditions that are maintained over time. Due to its pleasant climate and natural mountain environment, Codbar offers many attractions to those who prefer a quiet place to rest.

In its marble mountain, you can go on excursions and practice mountaineering, enjoying the beautiful views of the town and the mountains. Mountain biking is another of the favourite activities for visitors, who also take walks along its boulevards or the river that runs alongside the town. Numerous and varied fauna and flora can be admired in its environment, particularly eagles, owls, mountain goats, deer and partridges.

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