Lijar (Almeria)

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Coordinates: 37.294901°, -2.218503°

Distance to Almeria: 86 km

Elevation: 612 m

Population: 389 inhabitants (2023)

Demonym: Lijareño (a)

It is characterized by its territory that presents a lot of diversity. On the one hand, it has mountains and arid lands, while also enjoying an area of cultivated orchards of diverse, important plantations. The fields of this locality offer beautiful landscapes, in which human life has developed since prehistory. It has witnessed various civilizations, such as Carthaginians, Punics, Romans, Muslims and Christians, who took advantage of the riches in the metals that were found.

In 1883, this municipality declared war on France, in response to the grievances suffered by King Alfonso XII during his visit to Paris a few weeks earlier. The war, although bloodless and symbolic, serves to portray the character of the natives of this town. Lijar has several sites of interest, among which are buildings and monuments of a civil and religious nature of great historical value. In its surroundings, you can travel several well-defined rural routes that offer tourists the opportunity to take walks and enjoy landscapes of great beauty.

At the top of the town, the figure of the castle stands out. It is recently built and situated in the place where a fortress of Arab origin was previously located. The so-called Castle neighbourhood extends around the castle, with a typical urban layout of white houses and narrow, winding streets.

At present, its inhabitants are known for cordiality and good treatment of others, depending economically on activities related to the marble industry.

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