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Gastronomy in the Almanzora Valley

The Almanzora Valley is a land blessed by the waters of the Almanzora river, promoting quality agriculture throughout the year, since the area also has a very favorable climate.

It is a valley full of contrasts with almonds, oranges and orchards. It is a mountain with entrails of marble that give life to the villages that make it up, in which mining, olive and wine production is thriving, as well as having a large meat industry.

The products of the garden (the herbs, the different spices and the garlic) are the ingredients with flavors that stand out in the dishes of the Almanzora Valley. They are combined mostly with the olive oil produced in the towns of Arboleas, Albox, Tijola and Seron, which also produce one of the best hams in the world, which enjoy a great international prestige.

Wheat flour, legumes, vegetables and pork products appear as fundamental components of the typical recipes, which have fascinating seasonings. They are still very healthy dishes.
Grilled sausages
As if the gastronomic nuances of the Almanzora Valley were few, there is also the artisanal tradition of pig slaughter which occurs on the eve of Christmas when the temperature usually drops.

The streets are impregnated with the smell of spices already fire flavored with olive wood.

More and more people in the province have taken up this tradition, allowing all visitors to try the pork rinds, the onion and almond sausage, the ribs and the “butifarras”.
This celebration is a true act of brotherly coexistence that has even attracted the attention of lovers of gourmet cuisine, who are interested in the spectacular fusion of smells and flavors.

The “gachas”, the famous “migas cortijeras”, the wheat pot , the “gurullos” with hare, the potatoes “boca abajo” and the “frita” of rabbit are the most popular dishes in the area, in which you can also find a great variety of sausages.

As for sweets and desserts, you can find the “soplillos”, the “cuajo” of almond, the “rosquillos” of wine, the “hornazos”, the “roscos de aguardiente”, the “suspiros”, the “mantecados” of honey, the quince cheese, the marmalade, the “pan de higo” and fried milk.
Toasts with olive oil
Notable highlights are the “mistela”, which is a traditional drink of the Almanzora Valley, which usually accompanies sweet dishes. However it can be taken alone and at any time in the bars and terraces around the area.

Along the Almanzora Valley are diverse restaurants and establishments, in which both locals and visitors are delighted with the art of good eating: with a complete menu or some simple tapas. You can find fast food places and also restaurants that have menus for celiacs.
Given the importance of cusine in this region of Almeria, gastronomic festivals are very common. Even Food Truck festivals have been organized, which offer typical food of the region fused with modern and innovative touches.

Additionally, in several of the towns of the Almanzora Valley, you can participate in tours and visits to places of interest. Part of the itinerary includes learning about the process of making cheese, hams and sausages the way it is done in Seron.

As you can see, it is worth visiting and knowing this beautiful valley full of history, flavor and culture. It warmly welcomes all its visitors and awards them with memories of posterity that leave a very good taste in the mouth.