Giants and Bigheads (Vera - Almeria)

Festivals in Vera




This is a spontaneous and popular festival derived from the traditions of the first centuries of the Modern Age.

During these days there are group parades and parodies on events of local and regional life.

The Carnival in Vera has a great tradition, that features many kinds of masks mixed with the most colorful costumes.

Day of the “Vieja”


It is a fascinating costume and fancy dress party staged by the people of the Levante of Almeria region. It has deep roots of tradition among the residents of Vera.

Each child parades his or her "vieja" (a small doll with the appearance of an old woman with a head full of candy), then breaks it with stones to take out the precious treasure inside. On that day it is traditional to eat the "hornazo"; a sweet bun with a cooked egg inside.

Holy Week


The Holy Week of Vera, dating back to the Christian conquest, is when brotherhoods that have their origins in the 17th century still stage their processions.

It begins the weekend before Palm Sunday, followed by a week full of religious devotion and great emotions.

It is one of the most popular and traditional Holy Weeks in the province of Almeria.

Saint Cleopas


It is celebrated around September 25. Festivities of Vera in honor of Saint Cleopas. These festivities have been celebrated since 1569, commemorating the end of the siege suffered by the city by the Moorish troops led by Aben Humeya. The parties have been changing their content over the centuries, but they have always had in common the joy of the inhabitants of Vera in the celebration of these holidays. In the present time, they complete a week full of activities and events.
Saint Cleopas Festival (Vera - Almeria)

Virgin of the Anguishes


June 10. Our Lady, the Blessed Virgin of the Anguishes, has been the patroness saint of the city since 1888.

Since then, they have been celebrating a fun party full of events in the city. It should be noted the traditional parade of Giants and Bigheads, the floral offering and the popular festival held in the Main Square.

Moors and Christians


They are held during the month of June and are an icon for the town.

The event recreates the capitulations produced, on June 10, 1488, between King Ferdinand and the main Moors of the city of Vera. A great parade goes through the center of the city in a great recreational event.

Virgin of the Orchards


In Vera there is the tradition of celebrating, the first Sunday of September, that the Lorca troops went to help to the city of Vera in the year 1569 against the Moorish king Aben Humeya. At that time, the Lorca city troops brought an image of their patroness, and to commemorate this historical event, a hermitage was built in the field and the image is taken there every year in a pilgrimage.
Virgin of the Orchards Festival (Vera - Almeria)