Vera - History


Vera has been populated since ancient times, where there are vestiges of the Paleolithic, Neolithic, Copper Age and Bronze Age, with cultures as impressive as the Millares and El Argar, which began to exploit the region's rich minerals. The Carthaginians continued with the mining operations and founded the city of "Baria", near Villaricos, in the 6th century BC. Later, the Roman occupation has left abundant testimonies of its towns and villages in the region.
Up to this point, the Muslims in nearby towns came to take an oath of allegiance, except those in Mojacar. From that moment Vera was linked to the Crown and in 1494 the Catholic Monarchs granted privileges to the city.

On November 9, 1518, a great earthquake completely devastated the city on the hill of the Holy Spirit. It was so destroyed that it was decided to build a new one on a plain near the previous one, at the current location of the city.