Vera - What to visit

What to visit

Vera has been populated since ancient times with cultures as impressive as the Millares and El Argar. Discover here the most interesting places in the city of Vera.
Our Lady of the Incarnation Church (Vera)
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Town Hall

Town Hall of Vera
Located in the Main Square, it is the most remarkable civil building in the city.

In its interior, as well as the city council's offices, the headquarters of the Municipal Historical Museum and the Historical File are located in here, which include old documents that relate the conquest of this city by Catholic Monarchs.
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Main Square

Main Square of Vera
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Our Lady of Victory Convent

Our Lady of Victory Convent (Vera)
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Espiritu Santo viewpoint

 Espiritu Santo viewpoint (Vera)
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Bullring of Vera
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Saint Ramon Hermitage

Saint Ramon Hermitage (Vera)
Built in the 18th century, it is a simple baroque building whose chapel contains the image of Jesus Nazareno, which was given to the hermitage in 1731.

From its viewpoint you can contemplate stunning views of the sea and the valley.
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Saint Augustine Church

Saint Augustine Church (Vera)
It was the old hermitage of the Real Hospital of San Agustin, constructed for the Emperor Carlos V at the beginning of the 16th century.

It is a baroque building dedicated to the Virgen de la Milagrosa.
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Virgin of the Huertas Hermitage (Vera)
It is a simple building built in the 16th century in honor of the patroness of Lorca.

Every year, in the first weekend of September, the popular Pilgrimage of the Virgen de las Huertas takes place in its surroundings. This is to commemorate the help that Lorca gave when Vera was besieged by the Moorish king Aben Humeya in the year 1569.
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Virgin of Anguish Hermitage

Virgin of Anguish Hermitage (Vera)
This small neo-Gothic style temple was built in the 18th century in honor of the Virgen de Las Angustias; Patroness of Vera.
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Fountain of the Four Pipes

Fountain of the Four Pipes (Vera)
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Guild Trades Museum

Guild Trades Museum (Vera)
The Guild Trades Ethnographic Museum recreates the different trades that have been conducted in the area during the last centuries.

The museum is located in the basement of the Town Hall, in what were formerly the dungeons. It has an extensive exhibition of the tools that were used in the various professions that, for the most part, are no longer operational in the region today.
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The Eneolithic Cabin

The Eneolithic Cabin (Vera)
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The Orozco House

The Orozco House (Vera)
The Orozco family home is located on a street by the sea. It is a 19th century house built by D. Ramon Orozco Gerez, who became the richest man in the province of Almeria during the 19th century, thanks to his exploitation of the mines of the region.

The building consists of three floors and has an imposing grandeur.
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