Convent of the Victory (Vera)

Convent of the Victory (Vera)

It is a 17th-century convent known also as the Convent of the Order of Minims, or the Convent of Saint Francis of Paola.

It has been inhabited by the Padres Minimos from the beginning of the 17th century until the year 1823, when it was disentailed. Most notable are its fortress church and paintings, drawings and reliefs of the early 18th century. It currently houses the Municipal Auditorium and there are numerous activities there throughout the year.

Located in the historic centre of the town, it was founded in 1605 according to the Royal Provision of Philip III of Spain to house a community of the Order of Minims of the Third Order of Saint Francis of Paola.

Today, only the church remains. It was restored for cultural uses after having been in ruins for a long time. It is currently the seat of the Municipal Auditorium and has been used to hold numerous activities throughout the year.

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