Guild Trades Museum (Vera)

Picture: Wikimedia Commons  

The Guild Trades Ethnographic Museum recreates the different trades that have been conducted in the area during the last centuries.

The museum is located in the basement of the Town Hall, in what were formerly the dungeons. It has an extensive exhibition of the tools that were used in the various professions that, for the most part, are no longer operational in the region today.

The espadrille makers, guitar makers, potters, farmers and ranchers were some of the guilds of a commercial town. All the pieces collected here have value and interest, as they are a sample of popular culture. Elements such as a camera that is more than a century old and a guitar from 1882 stand out. The pieces have been donated by the townspeople, such as the traditional four-cornered jug, which cannot be missing in the area dedicated to the potter inside the museum, and which today remains one of the symbols of the municipality.

The objective is to continue expanding this centre, with the idea that winemakers, spinners or merchants will have their space in the museum in the future, thus preserving part of the population's culture.

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