Routes in Vera

Vera contains a variety of routes.

The Historic Route makes a circuit through the Virgin of Anguish Hermitage, one of the most beautiful places in the city. You will visit Our Lady of Victory Convent. If you wish, you can also visit the Main Square. In addition, this city is home to Our Lady of the Incarnation Church and the Town Hall. Another important tourist attraction is the Saint Ramon Hermitage, which has a viewpoint that provides an incomparable view of both the sea and the valley.

The Hispanic-Muslim Route will give you the Espiritu Santo viewpoint, which offers a complete view of the valley and the coast. You can also visit the Espiritu Santo Hermitage, which is the former location of the Hispanic-Muslim city. In the route’s other section is the Interpretation Centre Museum of the Medieval City of Bayra, where you can observe the ruins’ archaeological and historical details.

Finally, we take a tour of the Squares of Vera. Four Pipes Square has a fountain with four pipes, also called “Fuente Chica”, which is part of the Interpretation Centre of the Culture of Water. The route also passes by the Virgin of Anguish Hermitage Square, the Tomas de Haro Square, the La Verja Square, the Market Square, and the Main Square, each of which has a curious historical background.

Historical Vera


Hispanic-Muslim Vera


Squares in Vera