Striped red mullet

Gastronomy in Vera

Vera is a town where all the gastronomic particularity of the Levante Almeriense reaches its greatest splendour, allowing the diner to discover traditions and stories through recipes that are a journey of flavour to the palate and the mind. Vera's gastronomy is part of a privileged geographical situation in which the sea, the mountains and the desert have a main role.

One of the fundamental pillars of Vera's gastronomic proposal is to not leave the past behind and to revive it through fresh seasonal products – through cultivation and the work that its inhabitants have carried out since time immemorial. For this reason, the motivation to rescue lifelong recipes from oblivion is great.

High-quality products

Among the emblematic dishes of this town, those made with products taken directly from the sea, such as striped red mullet and Phycis blennoides, among others, stand out. In addition, we can highlight elements such as Norway lobster and prawns. There are multiple preparations in which these marine products can be used, such as baked or fried. Farmed products, such as various vegetables and spices, are added to the freshness of the sea, creating an unparalleled combination of flavours that may be paired with the most exquisite wines.
In Vera, the inhabitants are also small producers in their own orchards who not only use the products grown but also sell them in local markets.

Thus, the visitor who wants to know the flavours not only on the table but also in the streets must attend the town markets, where a friendly hand will guide the most curious or those who want to get their own products to prepare the best dishes.
In addition to the range offered by the sea and the orchard, Vera's dishes include products such as cabrito, lamb and pork.

Traditional recipes

One of Vera's most popular recipes is the famous gurullos. This is a preparation based on a dough made with wheat flour, where the goal is to form something similar to small grains of rice. This dish can be prepared with both rabbit and partridge, hare or ribs, or even with seafood such as cuttlefish.

Some of the other characteristic dishes of Vera are the pot of wheat, the “ajo colorao”, the stew of “pelotas” and the pork tenderloin. In addition, among the typical sweets that make up its gastronomy, it is important to mention the date cake, the drunken cake and the oil cakes.