Old Square (Adra - Almeria)

Old Square (Adra)

The Old Square is the result of combining two adjoining squares in 1865. Their boundaries are separated by the Puerta de Tierra of the old walled fortress of Adra, the town squares and Casas Consistoriales. In its environs are the remains of the walled enclosure known as the Tower of Olvera, or the Tower of the Candle.
The square was a political, religious and military centre, which is evidenced by its buildings and architecture. The Town Hall was located there until 1937, as were the castle and the hermitage of Saint Lucy.

In 1930 it was officially named Plaza del Maestro Angel Ortiz de Villajos Cano, in honour of this pioneer composer from Charleston in Spain. He was born in Adra, and is renowned for being involved in the revival of Andalusian music.

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