Saint Sebastian Hermitage (Adra - Almeria)

St. Sebastian Hermitage (Adra)

The Saint Sebastian´s Hermitage sits on Monte de Cristo in honour of the saint who was regarded as a protector against the plague. There is evidence of its rebuilding in 1680 after the epidemic abated a year earlier. In addition, in the lower level that houses the religious building, there are salting basins from the Roman era that were discovered in January 2018.

The main part of the chapel was expanded in the 18th century, during the ship building period, and the work preserved numerous Roman tombstones, both authentic and false, along with engraved prints of the city walls. These were attributed in 1794 to the Apostle Saint James, along with those that were inscribed with Latin texts.

This is a small building with a Latin cross plan with a brick doorway at the foot. It has a structure formed by two lintelled bodies that frame the arches with a mixtilinear layout, a set completely topped with a belfry. Inside are images of Saint Nicholas of Tolentino and the Virgin of the Sea, patrons of the city of Adra. Likewise, there are Roman remains of salting factories, which belong to the 1st century BC. In addition, numerous tombstones of a funerary nature with Latin inscriptions are observed.

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