Church of Our Lady of the Anguishes (Adra)

The Church of Our Lady of the Anguishes is one of the oldest holy temples in the municipality of Adra, which dates from the 16th century. It was rebuilt in the 18th century and consisted of a nave and two side chapels.

The church is located in Adra´s neighbourhood of La Alqueria, and it was originally built as a Muslim mosque, although it was converted to Christianity and dedicated to Saint Mary in the 18th century. The reconstruction at that time was to restore the fire damage caused by Moorish attacks in 1570, and in 1738 it was then dedicated to Our Lady of the Anguishes.

This is made up of a tower which allowed one to observe and report on possible attacks on that place. Currently, it stands out as an important structure that constantly calls its parishioners for prayer. In the internal part of the temple is the main altar, composed of a crucified Christ, which draws a divine glow for many that extends through each place until it reaches the barrel vault.

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