Andalusian woman at a festival

Festivals in Almeria




Carnival has a great tradition in the city of Almeria. “Murgas”, “comparsas”, “parodias” and carnival groups give life to the city, allowing the population and its visitors to enjoy fun and colorful festivals.

It is worth highlighting the "Friki Show" festival, which turns the “Paseo” of Almeria into an authentic carnival circus with illusionist shows, parodies, concerts and carnival parades.
Carnival parade

Holy Week


The Holy Week of Almeria began as the Via Crucis at the beginning of the 16th century. It originally started from the Town Hall, but after the construction of the Cathedral in 1524 it began to start from this temple.

The Holy Week of Almeria has experienced a great boom since the 1980s. It currently has 25 fraternities and is declared an event of National Tourist Interest of Andalusia.

Saint John night


Saint John night (June 23) is a very deep-rooted festivity in Almeria. Different events are scheduled that are staged along the beaches of the city. The main highlight is the great fireworks show that takes place in what is known as "Espigon de los Gatos".

As tradition dictates, there is no shortage of bonfires on the beach. There are also concerts on the beach where you can enjoy a wide variety of music.

May Crosses


First week of May. Known as the festival of the Mayos, this festival has been influenced since antiquity by Roman pagan festivals and by pre-Christian rites where the early spring was celebrated, paying homage to nature.
It is common for citizens and visitors to gather at the points where the May Crosses are placed in order to visit them. The venues are adapted to enjoy a festive atmosphere in the company of family and friends.
Andalusian patio with flowers

Fair of Almeria


2nd half of August. This takes place in honor of the Virgin of the Sea; the Patroness of Almeria. During several days there are many sports activities, bullfights, the “Midday Fair” (becoming more popular every year) with the installation of bars in the center of the city. Equestrian activities and the popular Pottery Fair are also held.

The “Night Fair”, which also enjoys great popularity, has many displays with dancing and entertainment as the main attractions.

Torregarcia Pilgrimage


2nd Sunday of January. A pilgrimage is made to the place where the Virgin of the Sea, Patroness of Almeria, appeared in the year 1502. The location is next to the coastal watchtower where the Hermitage is located and is where the image is venerated.

The citizens accompany the image from the Virgin of the Sea Church to this beach next to the Retamar district. There are typical meals, such as rice and “migas”, horseback riding, folk group performances, and ends with a Mass by the Bishop of Almeria.

Other featured festivals

Virgin of Carmel (July 16). The “Pescadería” neighborhood pays homage to its Virgin, patroness of all fishermen. There is a marine procession where the Virgin of Carmel embarks from the fishing port of Almeria.

Saint Stephen Day (December 26). The conquest of the city by the Catholic Monarchs on December 26, 1489, and their annexation to the Crown of Castile is commemorated.